Guardnode daemon

Guardnode daemon responding to client chain coordinator challenges and generating alerts for misbehavior on the chain.


To run the daemon locally:

  1. pip3 install -r requirements.txt
  2. python3 build && python3 install
  3. Run ./run_guardnode or python3 -m guardnode providing the arguments required

To run a demo along with the coordinator daemon execute the following replacing $txid with the txid produced by the coordinator demo script:

./run_guardnode --rpcuser user1 --rpcpassword password1 --bidpubkey 029aaa76fcf7b8012041c6b4375ad476408344d842000087aa93c5a33f65d50d92 --challengeasset fae9f771019d45e31b8f78da99a15b094b17b2ba76b0940c3ac53d5e9afd8e8e --nodelogfile /Users/nikolaos/co-client-dir/ocean_test/debug.log --bidtxid $txid


Arguments to set:

  • –rpcconnect: Client RPC host
  • –rpcport: Client RPC port
  • –rpcuser: Client RPC username
  • –rpcpassword: Client RPC password
  • –nodeaddrprefix: Node P2PKH address prefix
  • –nodelogfile: Node log file destination
  • –bidtxid: Guardnode winning bid txid
  • –bidpubkey: Guardnode winning bid public key
  • –challengehost: Challenge host address
  • –challengeasset: Challenge asset hash